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Free Support for Scala 3 Migration and Adoption

Lower risks, reduce blockers, and solve problems quickly with a supporting hand from Scala experts at VirtusLab. Migrate free within 10 person days instead of months.

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How does it work?

Our migration support consists of five elements that you combine, depending on your needs. We suggest starting with a workshop and the codebase analysis, since they provide means for a smooth migration process.


Learn about the potential blockers and resolutions during a 2–3 hour long workshop and get basic orientation of Scala 3 capabilities. Upon request, we also consider on-site workshops.

Codebase analysis

Our experts identify issues that need solving and assess the workload. You’ll get a migration plan adjusted to your codebase and dependencies.


We help your development team through reviews, pair programming, or ad hoc workshops, eliminating blockers for a smooth migration process.

Open source dependencies

When organisations migrate from Scala 2 to Scala 3, they may encounter libraries that are crucial to their operations but have not yet been migrated to Scala 3. Our experts help you to migrate these essential libraries and ensure a smooth transition. In case of an impossible migration, our experts will provide workarounds to provide smooth operations.

Codebase migration

In case of smaller projects, we happily migrate your codebase ourselves completely. When it comes to larger projects, we take over the problematic migration parts, like macros, and will mentor you with the remaining migration.


What if my project is substantial and goes beyond the 10-day free migration support window?

In such cases, for more extensive projects, we provide a paid Scala 3 migration extension tailored to your specific requirements, along with the option to use our Scala 3 support subscription.

My business model is quite unique. How can I ensure that I migrate all the necessary elements to support my operations?

Since every organisation has distinct requirements, we will craft a customised solution that aligns with the specific needs of your organisation and will consider all the essential components.

Do I have to use the days all in a row, or can I use the mentoring days here and there?

You can spread them out over time. However, if you do, it might take longer for us to respond.

Is this offer suitable for me if I’m already using Scala 3?

Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure that you’re using Scala 3 effectively and that it aligns with your business objectives. Please get in touch with us for further details.


What does the 10-day free support period entail?

The ten days of support can be allocated flexibly among the various options and components based on your project’s requirements. We recommend including the workshop and analysis as essential steps in the process. Beyond that, the specific allocation of these days depends on the unique needs of your project.

For instance, in the case of migration support, it typically involves conducting a workshop initially and then analyzing your codebase within a span of 2 days. Subsequently, we dedicate 4 days to assist you with the codebase migration process, followed by 4 days of mentoring. If the migration is completed within just one day, the remaining days can be utilised for additional mentoring or support as needed.

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