How to reduce cloud costs and prepare for 2023

Businesses must consider costs, time, quality, and agility, especially in light of an economic slowdown. Gain insights on cost reduction; we’ve got examples, numbers and best practices to share.

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The most effective ways to reduce costs
How technology can work for your company and the specific way it uses the cloud
A case study on reducing costs and saving time.

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Learn about the most effective way to reduce costs

Is it a multi-cloud strategy? Does changing the public cloud provider help? We show you the most important ways to reduce costs and create a scalable and stable future for your cloud operations.

We discuss open-source and paid solutions

Learn cost-reduction techniques that won’t compromise critical efforts as you prepare for the future. Understand the possibilities that both open-source and commercial solutions offer.

Learn why an automatable infrastructure is important

Let’s evaluate the time spent on a project and what your business can do to reduce it. Decrease your cloud budget by letting your engineers focus on more relevant tasks.

Use case: cloud-native app deployment

Our client, a large retail company in Europe, wanted to reduce maintenance costs and focus on making new cloud-native applications. Learn how we helped them.

Learn how much you could reduce costs

By reading our case study, you will see how much you can reduce costs in the long run. We base the calculation on an engineer’s average annual salary.

Who is VirtusLab

VirtusLab is a team with deep roots in the cloud. We call ourselves “the cloud-native natives” because we’ve contributed to the technology ecosystem since its inception. We listen to you carefully so that you can develop the same level of confidence in the cloud-native world as we have.

We modernise the approaches of global industry leaders in areas such as data science & engineering, and within fields such as manufacturing for Industry 4.0. In addition, VirtusLab’s software engineering teams efficiently optimise business results through innovative dev tooling solutions.