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Scala 3 – the better tool for your job

The Scala compiler team worked for over eight years to release the first production-ready version of Scala 3. During this time, the team revised the fundamentals of the language to remove redundant and obscure syntactic constructs. They replaced them with a set of easy-to-understand yet powerful and well-composable features. This change led to a significant simplification of the language without the loss of its expressive power, making it more friendly to programmers, tooling and the compiler itself.

Tune in to:

Get simpler, more predictable language
Write code that models your domain better and is easier to maintain
Migrate between different versions of the compiler in a simpler and faster way

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The more expressive language

Scala 3 is unrivalled in terms of language expressiveness. The tools the language provides you with have a clear and easy-to-understand purpose. You will learn how to leverage them to write clean and short code that will do the exact work you need it to do.

Safer and cleaner modelling

Scala’s powerful type system was enhanced in the new version of the language. Now it is as intuitive and easy to use as it can get. It allows for safer and more scalable modelling of your domain. Most importantly, the developers working on the model don’t need to be experts in the internal workings of the compiler and type system.

Easy migration with strong guarantees

A tremendous amount of work has been put into our compatibility guarantees. In Scala 3, you can update the language version without fear. The migration from Scala 2 to Scala 3 is also intended to be gradual and painless, thanks to advanced cooperation between language versions.


Paweł Marks

Team leader of Scala 3 compiler team at VirtusLab
I am the lead of the Scala 3 compiler team at VirtusLab in Kraków. I have been passionate about development efficiency since University. I spent a significant part of my career working on Kotlin tooling. Being an architect and team lead responsible for the complete rewrite of Dokka – Kotlin’s documentation engine was an excellent experience for me. In 2020 I turned my interest to Scala 3. Shortly after, I became a member of the compiler team. My primary responsibilities are releasing the new versions of the compiler and helping other team members.
Paweł Marks