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Productive developer environments: 3 essential features

In this webinar, we focus on three core features of developer environments to create developer productivity and satisfaction: ease of setup, reproducible builds, and automated tests for the whole environment. Leaders and developers with or without previous experience working on developer tools will find in depth knowledge of how to improve efficiency and happiness in their teams.

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How ease of setup affects developer satisfaction and inclusiveness
How benefits of reproducible build go beyond “just” security
How to correctly automate tests for developer environments and why

Take your team to the next level, with productive developer environment

This webinar shows you how a productive developer environment benefits your company. What’s in it for you? We will show you how to:

Improve team productivity

The developer environment plays a crucial role in team productivity. In poor environments, developers often spend more time struggling with the tooling rather than solving actual business problems.

Create happiness and motivation

Poor environments frequently cause discontent or burn-out. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling with a broken IDE, slow compilation, or flaky CI when under the pressure.

Increase dev’s trust in their tooling

Developers that distrust their tooling blame it for every problem they encounter. This leads to wasted time to rebuilding projects or re-seting their environment just to discover that the code caused a problem in the first place.

Lower barriers for new team members

Badly-designed environments often delay first contributions for weeks. We see developer environment quality often correlates with diversity in teams. The worse the tooling, the more toxic the tech bro culture becomes.


Krzysztof Romanowski

Head of Scala and Tooling at VirtusLab
Krzysztof Romanowski