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How to tackle challenges in modern data platforms

This webinar emphasizes the importance of data pipelines with minimal technical input. Become a data-driven company and unlock the hidden value of your data with reliable data pipelines.

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How to create reliable data pipelines and easily maintain them in the future
What best practices from software engineering work across teams in data departments
How can flexible custom software solutions bring value into a dynamically changing environment

Make data solutions production grade

Business objectives change and your data framework should be adjustable and scalable. We show you how to get the data you need with minimal technical input.

Get data platform work well

A reliable and effective data supply is often hard to set up and costly to maintain, especially with large data platform providers. Learn more about the technical aspects of reliable data pipelines and their maintenance.

Use custom solutions to your advantage

You will see how you can leverage custom solutions for your specific needs and challenges. Case studies and the most relevant tips and tricks are also included.


Michał Kromka

Team Lead and Principal Software Engineer at VirtusLab
His background covers 10 years in the IT business with knowledge of Java, Scala, big data and machine learning engineering. Currently, he implements stable and reliable software solutions in data platforms for clients worldwide.
Michał Kromka