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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Take advantage of SCM software to coordinate the various activities necessary to produce and fulfill your customers’ orders.

Implement a custom SCM solution in your factory:

Custom implementation based on a reliable SCM engine.
A dedicated project team of developers, engineers and PMs.
10-year experience in building complex software solutions.

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VirtusLab SCM Engine

Graph-based representation of the supply chain means quick access to data on all processes within a selected order. This guarantees a holistic view of processes and identification of bottlenecks by management. This will optimise raw material transportation, production of semifinished products and minimisation of machine downtime. We create the SCM solution according to your business model using our tailored engine.

ETA on demand

Calculate ETA from orders. Find out, with high probability, when your order can be delivered at the quotation stage.

Loading under control

Support the car loading process by taking into account the planned route so that the goods are loaded in the right order.

Loading capacity

Take into account the shipper load capacity during transport planning (weight and size of products) and automatically warn about exceeded parameters.

This is only a fraction of what our SCM engine is capable of. It works smoothly, it’s flexible and ready to adjust to your operational model. Contact us to talk about your business needs. Together we’ll optimise your existing processes with our software engineering competence.

industry 4.0

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Optimising manufacturing and logistic processes allows people to live better in a cleaner environment — when done correctly.
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Achieve more while lowering costs

VirtusLab helps manufacturing companies achieve more at lower cost and unburden the environment. We build long-term business relationships with our customers based on a profound partnership, its people as foundation.

Turn data into desicions

Our vision is to implement an innovative manufacturing management system in close cooperation with our customers. Use  a digital twin that turns a stream of data into actionable insights. At the same time we help you automate repetitive activities and processes.

Tap into our experience

Take advantage of VirtusLab’s experience of creating custom manufacturing software that speeds up implementation. We tailor software to your needs, omit bottlenecks and optimise your manufacturing processes.

Your partner in a world powered by software

VirtusLab helps customers achieve more, but faster.

  • Flexible & affordable IT-Consulting & Software Engineering in IIoT & I4
  • Increased efficiency with a digital twin simulating your processes
  • Tangible benefits in manufacturing, transportation, energy, and more

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