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Internal platforms that boost cloud-native developer experience

The increasing cognitive strain and corresponding “toil” in engineering is a big concern nowadays. As a result, businesses emphasise developer experience (DX) to minimise the barriers to developing and running cloud-native apps. In October, join VirtusLab and Lightbend for a roundtable conversation to understand how the development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) method can work for you.

What you’ll learn at the event on 20th October at 6pm:

Identify the developer experience challenges in cloud-native environments
Understand how internal platforms may address these issues and improve the developer experience
Gain insights from examples of internal platform implementations.

Join VirtusLab and Lightbend for an evening discovering the benefits of DX

DX allows developers to focus more on business logic. Participate in this event to understand how developer platforms might improve your business.

Roundtable discussion and networking opportunities

The event is for executives and IT decision-makers who deal with cloud-native technologies. Participate in roundtable discussions alongside other leaders and experts. Enjoy one-on-one conversations between sessions, over dinner and while listening to live music.

Dinner and live jazz at an exclusive London venue

Connect with your peers in style. Join a select group for a special evening of fine dining at a 5-star London location. Expect outstanding cuisine, fine wine, first-rate service, and enjoyable music.

Learn how to significantly reduce time to value

Change the focus of your engineering team away from unproductive activities like provisioning and infrastructure management. Instead, let developers boost their efficiency, productivity, and impact by upgrading all of the technological or product stack’s elements — including tools, libraries, SDKs, APIs, services, and code.

Build an environment that supports your engineering talent

Engineers supported by a coherent developer platform are more fulfilled and motivated. It is unlikely they will seek another project where they can focus on the task without fighting the infrastructure and tooling. Also, the higher satisfaction levels help ensure talent retention across the whole workforce.


Bartek Antoniak

Head of Cloud @VirtusLab
Bartek focuses on business development, solution architecture, and project delivery. His passion for cloud-native engineering allows him to help organisations with their digital transformation.
Bartek Antoniak

Alan Klikić

Solutions Architect @Lightbend
Alan helps organisations adopt and enable reactive and distributed system patterns and principles using the Lightbend technology stack.
Alan Klikić

28°-50° by Night – Restaurant & Wine Bar

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