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VirtusLab offers free support for Scala 3 migration and adoption. Experience the benefits of Scala 3 with up to 10 person-days of expert assistance.

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Why your company should consider a Scala 3 migration

Companies often see the costs and risks of Scala 3 migration as unfavourable when assessing ROI. However, Scala has undergone a transformative evolution. The reality is that the sooner you transition to Scala 3, the smoother the migration process will be.

Future-proofing your investment

Scala 2 is gradually transitioning into legacy status, potentially limiting your ability to harness new features and libraries. Migrating to Scala 3 ensures that your investment in Scala remains relevant and future-proof.

Active development and long-term support

Scala 3 focuses on addressing issues for both developers and organisations. Scala 3 is actively developed and provides long-term support (LTS) releases, guaranteeing robust ongoing support for your codebase.

Guaranteed compatibility with previous releases

Scala 3 resolves one of the most significant issues in Scala—the compatibility between new releases. This means you will no longer encounter issues when migrating from one 3.x version to another.

Increased developer efficiency and safety

Libraries like Besom and Magnum, designed for Scala 3, can enhance the efficiency and safety of your project. With improved language features, you can write more expressive and robust code, reducing the likelihood of bugs and errors.

Scala 3 benefits for developers

Scala 3’s cleaner, more expressive syntax enhances code readability, reduces boilerplate, boosts productivity, and creates extensible, maintainable codebases in modern software development.

Easier learning curve

Scala 3 is designed to be more accessible to learn and master compared to Scala 2, enabling you to grasp the language more quickly, thus reducing training time and laying a solid foundation for a successful career.

Simplified type system

Scala 3 features a simplified type system. Features like enums and union types help you model your data more precisely, reducing the chances of introducing improper states or behaviours into your code.

Improved expressiveness

Scala 3 focuses on making complex concepts more intuitive. It breaks down complicated ideas into smaller, more digestible parts, making it easier for you to understand and utilize advanced language features.

Reduced complexity

Scala 3 demonstrates that powerful and expressive languages don’t need to be excessively complex. The language design prioritizes simplicity and clarity, which can lead to more maintainable and readable codebases.

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